Where to Go on The First Vacation?

Traveling is good. It can help effectively in easing our minds, releasing stress, toxicity, and other negativities in life. Different places represent different feelings, and also arise different happy hormones to help us cope with our daily struggles. However, if we are only a beginner in traveling, choosing the best place for our first travel is hard. This is where most aspiring travelers make mistakes- choosing the best place for the first travel with friends or families.

Sure thing, this is tough but worry no more now since we are going to provide you with a list of top destinations you can try for your first travel. So, let’s start and see great things!

Wales Way, United Kingdom

First on the list is we have the Wales Way in the United Kingdom. This country is well-known for being ruled by royal queens and princes, yet there are still things beyond it. Wales Way is far beyond being called an ordinary place. With its 185 miles of landmass, this is home to the Cambrian Way, the longest road that takes the route from south to north and proceeds to its backbone. Next, the Coastal Way refers to the 180-mile stretch journey to Cardigan Bay.

El Nido Palawan, Philippines

Next, if tropical countries are what we look for traveling, then the famous El Nido, Palawan should be on the top. This place is found at the western stretch of the Philippines ’ landmass. It became well-known for both local and international tourists since it has a lot to offer things brought by nature.

First, if we find it fun trying our new and vigorous activities, then we shouldn’t miss the beach parties. We can also rent a jet ski to roam within the place. Here, we can try surfing, free diving, snorkeling, and so many more. But on top of these reasons is the sparkly blue colors of the water. Isn’t it amazing?

Busan, South Korea

Nowadays, Koreans and their country have gained global attention. Thanks to the music it has and the movies it establishes on different viewing websites. Indeed, Busan and even other provinces of South Korea are beautiful. That is because of the people who are showing their greatest attitudes towards international travelers, great food, and destinations. With that, we are no longer going to visit each South Korean place as long as we can experience the Korean living in Busan.

Another thing is that Busan is well-known as a traditional province of South Korea wherein historical pieces and traditions are still practiced. So, if we visit this place, we can feel that we are citizens of South Korea wearing their traditional clothes, as well as eating their traditional delicacies.

Bali, Indonesia

If we are looking forward to spending travels on a beach, then Bali, Indonesia must be chosen. This province in Indonesia has been making noise on social media sites due to its wonderful appearance. Here, we can enjoy captivating sunsets and sunrises to ease our mood. Also, there are fine beaches here where we can spend a day, getting tan lines and sun-kissed bodies.

Another thing, Bali is known for its wonderful handicrafts and items that can be brought home for friends and families or business purposes.

Indeed, these places are truly exceptional as the first destinations for our first ever travel either with friends, families, or just ourselves. However, the main reason why these mentioned places are the best for first-time travelers is the budget.

You can enjoy these places and their respective gems without really spending too much money. If we have small savings, then we can spend them wisely in these countries, especially the Philippines and Indonesia. Both these countries are tropical, and they promise captivating beaches to ease our thinking and emotions. These are the perfect places to make us realize things and events in life.

Above all, if these places have gained your interest, you can now start the travel journeys. Traveling is fun. Every mile being taken away from home draws us nearer to somewhere we truly belong. So, let’s start our travels now by considering these mentioned places.