Common Private Jet Charter Myths Exposed

I used to shy away from private jet charters. Studies show that most people have never traveled in a private jet, and most of the information they have about private jets is not based on experience. When I first flew private, I realized that most of the myths I had heard about personal jet travel aren’t true. In this article, I have exposed the common private jet travel myths that you shouldn’t believe.

You Must Be a Millionaire to Fly Private

I used to think that I must be super rich to travel in a luxury jet. This is not true; you don’t have to be a millionaire to hire your jet. It’s true that most of the wealthiest people in the world travel in private jets. However, you would be surprised to learn that private jet charters are indeed affordable. You may even decide to split the cost among friends and use all the available seats in the luxury jet. The cost of chartering a private plane will vary depending on the type of jet. You will incur a higher price if you want to hire an ultra-long-range jet. However, chartering a light plane for several hours costs much less. Fortunately, with the availability of features like cost estimators (which are available on charter booking portals like Jettly), it could be possible to estimate private jets charter prices without any hassle. All you need to do is put your departure airport and destination airport. Once you have entered the details correctly, you can get an instant quotation for your air travel.

In some situations, you may even be able to find a discounted private jet flight in the form of an empty leg. This is when a flight is scheduled without passengers with a pre-determined aircraft type, departure date, time, and destination, hence the discounted rate (thanks to the compromises a passenger would be making flying this way over the usual chartered flight). This is ideal if the flight time and destination match your plans anyway.

Private Jets Are Risky

You might be hesitant about chartering a private jet because, unlike private airlines that are well-known, you might not know much about private jet companies. When you’re hiring a luxury jet and aren’t familiar with the chartering company, it’s normal to feel uncertain and wonder about what to expect.

If you wonder whether private jets are reliable or can be trusted, I’m here to tell you that jets are safer than commercial planes. Both the aircraft and the crew undergo rigorous checks before you embark on a journey. Safety is the priority of private jet companies.

Booking a Private Jet Is Hectic

I used to think that it’s hectic to book a private jet; I was so far from the truth. You might think that chartering a plane is hard work, and you’re better off booking a commercial airline. I find it easier to hire a private jet than to book a commercial airplane. There is a dedicated team with a private plane to take care of all aspects of your booking. There will be a car waiting to pick you at your destination. Whenever I fly private, I feel like I have a personal butler taking care of all my arrangements. All I have to do is relax and enjoy the flight.

Private Jets Are Limited to Royals

I used to assume that private jets are limited to a certain clientele. This is not true; the typical private jet clientele has expanded immensely over time. You should not assume that flying private is only for royals, celebrities, and sheiks. Nowadays, personal jet travel is a perfect treat for families or a romantic getaway for couples seeking a unique experience. Clients are treated with respect and dignity irrespective of their title. If you aren’t sure of what to expect, you can read through private jet etiquette available on many private jet websites. This way, you will feel like a regular on your first personal jet trip.

Bad Weather Ruins Your Experience

You might be in the process of booking a private jet, only for your friend to express concerns over bad weather. You decide to postpone the trip because you don’t want bad weather to ruin your experience. I know private jets aren’t immune to bad weather. However, this doesn’t mean that bad weather will ruin your travel experience.

In most instances, bad weather will prevent commercial airlines from flying, but private jets can proceed as planned. Personal jet travel provides a higher degree of flexibility than commercial airlines. A plane can ascend to a much higher height to avoid turbulence, something that a commercial aircraft can’t.

Flying private offers unmatched convenience and luxury. You should not allow the many false myths surrounding private jets to discourage you from having an experience of a lifetime.