About Us

At the beginning of 2016, I take the big leap. I make the crazy decision to leave my London apartment, my comfortable life, and go explore how life is lived elsewhere in the world. So yes, it’s a bit of a runaway, a sudden impulse. But I quickly realized that it was the best decision I’d made so far.

I became a digital nomad, working on my computer when a wi-fi connection is available. My goal is to explore the world quietly and earn just enough money to keep going. As for 1st Choice Accomodations, I hope this blog will make you want to travel too – The name is meant to inspire you to look into the options at hand, after all!

Changing my lifestyle to become a digital nomad

The idea came mainly from professional frustration. I liked my job quite a bit, but it took up too much of my week and even kept me busy on the weekends. I felt like I was missing out on my life. The big decision was made during a trip to Ecuador. Vacations help me to take a step back! On that day I promised myself that I would radically change my way of life to leave the workforce and travel from country to country.

In only two or three days, I was sure of my decision. Four months later, I was on the road. It may seem long, but make no mistake, those 120 days were without respite. I had to resign from my job, give back my apartment, comfort my loved ones, inform myself about a thousand things, cancel forty-two subscriptions, change my address, resell or give away items, buy new ones, organize farewell pots, get my vaccinations done… all the while continuing to get up to go to work every morning!

Finding great accommodation while traveling

Housing represents a considerable budget in our lives as long-distance travelers and it can easily blow up our expenses if we are not careful.

In 1stchoiceaccomodations, I present my tips for saving money with the methods and tools I use regularly. They allow me to find accommodation without unpleasant surprises, neither on the price nor on the quality!

I tackle the most requested topics for travel lovers, such as:

  • Choosing an off-site accommodation
  • Compare prices on hotel reservation platforms
  • Take advantage of loyalty programs
  • Save money with cashback
  • Book a hotel room at the last minute
  • Looking for long-term accommodation on site
  • Medium to long term housing: finding the biggest Airbnb discounts
  • More tips about Airbnb
  • Take buses or night trains
  • Sleeping in airports

Use my affiliate links to book a hotel or other accommodation

The practical information in my articles often contains links to a hotel booking platform on which I am registered as an affiliate. This means that by using these links to book the hotel I recommend or even any other accommodation, I get a commission. It doesn’t cost you more and the hotel owner doesn’t earn less, it is the platform that gives me a part of its profit. I thank you in advance for your support.

Enjoy your reading and have a good trip!

Olivia Scott