The Best Historical Travel Destinations 2021

To visit other places is a wonderful and amazing thing to do. However, with all the suggested places both online and on the news, choosing the best one can be hard. Perhaps you have recently been researching your family history online with the help of something like this obituary search tool and discovered that you have a link to a country you never knew you did, so want to visit there and connect with a new land and culture. Not everyone has the luxury of their destination being decided for them, however, and with thousands of historical tourist destinations around the world and the number of visitors and reviews there, the people are indeed divided.

The good thing here is that we can gather and select the best historical travel destinations for the year 2021 so you won’t read articles from here and there. Today, we are going to explore the best places and the reasons behind their recognitions. So, let’s start now!

Mostar, Bosnia, and Herzegovina

During the Bosnian War way back in 1992-1995, this historical Mostar was destroyed yet still holds key scars of the past. There were already numerous buildings in the Old City since the 15th century as the frontier town of Ottoman and was restored during the 25 years of Dayton Peace Accords. This then established calmness in the Western Balkans. Here, we can witness different renovated apartments with riddled bullet holes. Also, both international and local tourists regularly visit this place as it is decorated with colorful murals.

Another thing, the most tangible peace image in this place is the Stari Most that was built during the 16th century and was rebuilt in 2004. This bridge connects the main Muslim Bosniak East to the Christian Croat West.

Guizhou Province, China

Up next, we have the most undiscovered and isolated provinces located in the southwestern province of Guizhou, China. This place is currently gaining global attention as a big data and cloud computing center. Here, there are huge mountains wherein cool climate and plentiful water makes it compatible to allow expansion of Huawei, Apple, and other tech powerhouses. In connection with that, there are already building facilities in this place, especially in its capital which is Guiyang.

Another thing, given these rising powerhouses and establishments in the province, there have been recorded byte improvements including the ethnic minority groups of Miao, Dong, and Bouyei. On the other hand, the indigenous villages in eastern Guizhou continue traditional farming, textile production, and other ways of living. So, this place will be perfect if we are looking for something traditional that’ll allow us to learn old practices and ancestry.

Tohoku, Japan

By boarding a three-hour train ride from Tokyo being the host of the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, a nearby place deserves the same recognition and attention we mostly give to Tokyo. This place is the Tohoku which is well-known for being a travel wonderland. It is comprised of the six prefectures in Honshu –the Northern region of the main island of Japan. Here, we can enjoy spending time with gorges, crater lakes, pristine forests, shrines, local festivals, thousand-year-old temples, and so many more. That’s why Tohoku has been one of the most favorite destinations both by local and international tourists.

Another fun thing to do in this place is to walk the Michinoku Coastal Trail. This place runs about 620 miles to Fukushima from Aomori. Way back in 2011, this place was hit and affected by a huge tsunami, but thankfully, it recovered easily. On top of these, Tohoku is known for skiers who love to do most of their tricks since this is a safe and effective place to practice. Lastly, Tohoku is known for having the best resorts, such as the Appi Kogen and the heaviest snowfalls.

Magdalen Islands, Canada

Last on the list. We have the Magdalen Islands in Canada. If we are looking forward to seeing a completely frozen sea, then this is the perfect place for us. The Magdalen Islands is a frozen world where we can enjoy walking around the sea of ice. Also, we can enjoy the whiteness of fresh snow that feels like a blanket on the ground.

Another thing, these islands became known as the nursery place of harp seals. So, if we are fond of meeting frozen sea animals, this place is the right one to choose. The harp seals are mostly seen at the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Quebec. In terms of the adult seals, they usually migrate from the Arctic wherein female pregnant seals are digging on the ice to lay their pups. On the other hand, the male seals are following female seals who are capable of mating.

Moreover, harp seals are species that can survive in an icy place. Here, they can withstand the cold and survive, especially the pups.

So, if you plan to travel soon, make sure that these places are on your list.