Flying on a Private Jet, The Ultimate in Luxury Travel

There is a saying that once you have traveled on a private jet, it is very hard to go back to commercial flights. Having had the good fortune to travel on private jet charters on several occasions, I can totally empathize with that statement! It says something about the benefits of private jets when even the notoriously frugal billionaire Warren Buffett is an advocate of them. This is a man who eats the same $3 breakfast from McDonalds each day and has lived in the same modest four-bedroom house since 1958. Yet, despite all his caution when it comes to money, he was happy to splurge on a private jet.

But here is something…

That wasn’t always the case; in fact, Buffett was a huge critic of the use of private jets by CEOs for many years until he finally used one himself. And guess what? He loved it! In fact, he loved it so much he not only bought his own private jet which was sarcastically named ‘The Indefensible,’ he also purchased a private jet leasing company called NetJets in 1998! So what is it that makes flying by private jet such a special experience?

1. Complete Convenience

The amount of airports available for the use of private planes in the USA outnumbers those available for commercial aircraft by 10 to 1, around 5,000 compared to 500 for commercial flights. Certainly, every time I have been on a private jet charter, I have arrived much closer to my destination than when I have traveled on a commercial flight. The client sets the schedule, so we choose where to fly from. Everything is much more convenient.

2. Less Hassle

Arriving at the airport hours in advance and spending an inordinate amount of time queuing for various reasons is without a doubt one of the worst aspects of commercial flights. This is why people instead start to think about private business jet as an alternative mode of transportation. That way, you don’t have to worry about security lines, baggage allowances, or getting to the airport early when you fly by private jet; you can simply park near the plane, hand over our ID, and that’s it. You’re on the plane and ready to take off in a matter of minutes.

3. Lavish Levels of Comfort

When I stepped on board my first private jet, I immediately noticed the complete luxury of my surroundings. I could quite easily have been in a chic penthouse apartment. Expect sumptuous reclining leather seats, an abundance of legroom, elegant decor, not to mention the most attentive service.

4. Gourmet Food and Drink

Ok, so we are on our jet, settled into our seats, and ready to fly. Fancy some food? Well, unlike a commercial flight on a private plane, inflight dining is totally our call. Want sushi? You got it. Fancy a burger? No problem. Got a taste for a fresh salad? Coming right up. Private jets also tend to offer a full bar, along with snacks and a soft drink. Passengers can even bring their own favorite tipple on board!

5. Top Class Entertainment Facilities

Once again, inflight entertainment is down to the desires of the customer. Special requests for games, films, and music will be fulfilled. With private jets often being a hub for business activity, they invariably feature top-notch satellite communication and bandwidth to ensure the quickest internet connection possible, along with fast-charging USB ports for mobile and personal devices. Perhaps, one day, these planes may even be able to make use of something like Elon Musk’s pioneering starlink internet, which uses satellites for its connection, in order to provide internet to passengers.

6. Get Much More Done

A recent survey indicated passengers traveling by private jet were 20% more productive on the plane in comparison to being in the office. On the contrary commercial passengers estimated a 40% drop in productivity. Essentially fewer distractions and much more comfort mean a lot more gets done!

7. Cut Travel Time in Half and More

While private jets travel at the same speed as commercial planes, the overall travel time is much less. No early arrival at the airport, no queueing to get off the plane, and arriving much closer to the destination all factor into this. Here is a comparison that really puts it into perspective. A commercial flight from Fresno to Palm Springs could take around seven hours door-to-door. Want to make the same trip on a private jet? It will likely take less than an hour.

Pretty amazing right? A private jet flight is truly a wonderful experience, but beware, it will make going back to a regular commercial flight very tough indeed!