3 Things I Noticed With COVID Travel Restrictions

It has been months since this whole pandemic first shook the world. People are still hiding in their respective homes. There was a halt to the activities we were used to doing before. Everything changed in a drastic turn. Living in a temporary era of face masks is not pleasant. I’ve gotten used to reading other people’s thoughts based only on their eyes. Breathing with my mask on feels difficult. Some face masks are easier on the breathing than others, that is why so many are on the look for a face mask for sale that they can use daily without them needing an inhaler.

Among the things that I’ve gotten used to with masks is that my face feels naked without a mask attached to my ears. I can’t say that I’m used to this situation; I don’t want to, but I have to out of necessity. Among the things that the virus affected is how we travel. It was interesting to see how the virus shaped the new transportation format. I am not surprised with that either as the situation does not encourage us to move around or travel. Traveling today is one of the restrictions imposed. After the government allowed us to move around to places, I cannot help but note the changes brought by COVID.

Read more to find out what I’ve observed with the traveling regulations.

The First Phase of Transport Fares was Experimental

After the government had lifted some of the regulations, I expected the fares to skyrocket. They did, obviously, and the changes were so drastic. My obvious course of action was to adopt a public transport mode and compare it immediately afterward. My rough calculations led me to conclude that the fare doubled its amount from the fare I had before. Again, it’s no surprise. The first phase of fare setting was that people do not know how to price the transport services. I cannot see it returning to the original fare if the government continues to relax the regulation. The second phase came as good news to commuters with a significant reduction of fares up to 66%.

Government Continues to Promote Modern Transportation

Another thing that I’ve noticed is the rapid modernization of transportation. My locality saw the launch of modern buses and jeeps right after traveling is now allowed. To us living in a rural area, it was a feat to look at, and the experience of riding one feels new. This rapid change means that more driving jobs will be made available with companies using recruitment software (check this out) to hire who they need to help with this new area of transportation.

But to local jeep owners and their industry who had been a sectorial victim of this pandemic, that’s not the case. The local government completely subsidizes this modern transportation from the start. The provincial government enables modern buses to operate throughout the province. The problem with this is how it affects the operators and the transportation industry. It would not be a bit of a stretch if these jeepney operators went out of business one day. A subsidy will soon takeover. I hope that’s not the case.

Traveling Between Cities feels Comfortable

Riding through these intercity areas feels a lot comfortable than it was before. It should be, knowing that these vehicles do not hold as many passengers as they did before the pandemic. I never felt so free as I was sitting inside the vehicle. There were times when I wanted to stretch my long legs a bit further down the center aisle, but I could not do it. With today’s transportation situation, that’s not the case.

In my long journeys between cities, I also wanted to help myself and sleep the time away. The only problem with that is you need to respect those immediate people around you. However, in today’s scenario, sleeping inside the bus is now an option. Say goodbye to people crowding around your sleep and cuddles.

Traveling and moving from place to place proves to be still useful even in today’s crisis. The people’s reliance on moving around keeps the transport systems functioning. As the pandemic still ravages the whole world, everyone feels the effects in all sectors. Among these industries, the transportation industry has taken an enormous hit. One thing that a passenger wants is a comfortable ride. I would love to travel again without worries and fears. I pray that the pandemic’s effects will lessen for the transport industry to thrive again.