Why I Prefer Flying Private for Business

Business travel has evolved in the recent past, and there is a shift towards chartering private jets and jet membership. I find private travel ideal for my business needs. I have put together some of the reasons I prefer private jets to commercial planes whenever I travel for business.


1. Unmatched Scheduling Flexibility

It is often daunting to rely on commercial travel because business travel needs often arise quickly. Private traveling allows me to keep a business schedule that I would not be able to maintain while using commercial flights or other transportation modes. Many private jet companies have membership options for business travelers and offer all-inclusive rates that make business travels convenient.


Private travel helps me overcome many of the problems of commercial flights, including sold-out flights, high volume itineraries, and fluctuating prices. I get to enjoy highly flexible travel options, including short notice bookings, 24/7 access, and the ability to change or switch jets without incurring additional costs. If I have unexpected mission changes, I can always change jets and choose the right one for my trip.


2. Accessing Multiple Travel Destinations

My business entails frequent international travel. This is normal given that many companies are now operating in a global marketplace. My overseas trips abroad have increased significantly in the last couple of years. Most of my international business trips involve stops at different destinations.


With private jet travel, I can visit any destination, including different business locations. A commercial plane flight does not offer this kind of flexibility. Private jet travel allows me the freedom to visit any place I want, whether I’m traveling international or domestic. Jet companies have access to a large aircraft portfolio, which makes it easy to avail jets to travelers whenever they need them.


3. Enhanced Privacy and Productivity

I find private travel ideal for business because it allows me to conduct meetings, discrete negotiations, and discuss sensitive financial information while traveling. I enjoy the privacy that I get while traveling in a jet. I can even discuss proprietary details without worrying about who might be listening. I can’t enjoy this level of privacy with commercial flights, and I can’t discuss sensitive information. Even if I fly first class, I can’t enjoy this privilege. First-class travel in a commercial flight only makes the trip comfortable but does not provide the privacy needed for business travel. My privacy does not just apply to the conversations I have but also to my itinerary details.  I do not have to worry about the broadcasting of my business plans.


The unmatched privacy and comfort of private jets allow me to achieve better productivity. While traveling private, I am often engaged in work 2/3 of my trip. I can go to the extent of spending some time meeting with clients and colleagues while aboard the private jet. It’s challenging to work while flying commercial. I like to take advantage of the personal and distraction-free environment that jet travel provides. I travel and still engage in some hours of focused work.


4. Safety and Security

There is enhanced safety that comes with flying private. Private jet companies have proven leadership and commitment to the best safety policies. These policies cover many private jet operation areas, including sourcing of the aircraft and the crewmembers, quality jet maintenance, pre, and post-flight checks.


I experience some peace and calm when flying private. Unlike commercial planes that often get into accidents and mechanical failures, such scenarios are rare with private jets. Private jets undergo intensive safety checks and maintenance, making them a safer option than commercial planes.

Private jets are my all-time favorite for all my business travels, domestic and international. Even if we have a company aircraft, it might not be viable to use it depending on the number of people traveling and the distance of travel. With private jet charters, I can find the right jet to suit my unique travel needs.