The Best Train Trips in Canada and Scenery to Enjoy Along the Way

In the whole of North America, Canada has the most scenic and exquisite landscapes and sites. To best enjoy these magical and breathtaking sceneries, I would advise one to take a trip by train. There are the very memorable and incredible countryside, beaches, and big cities to be viewed and enjoyed along the railway trip. Their trains offer the best amenities that I can’t compare to anywhere I have visited in the world. They offer their passengers very delicious chef-prepared meals, very comfortable and relaxing seating, and sleeping areas that give them the frontline to enjoy spectacular views along the way.


Churchill to Winnipeg, Manitoba

The trip takes only two days from Winnipeg to a subarctic region in the Northern parts of Manitoba. On these trips, there are scenic sites of the northern landscapes to be enjoyed. Along the way, there is also a chance of encountering some wildlife like the polar bears, the First Nations culture, and the Northern Lights. For anyone interested in catching this train, I would advise them to take the trip in October or November. This is mostly when the polar bears make the areas along the railway line their trek. At this time of the year, the bears can be viewed and seen up-close in the areas of Tundra Buggies. As one experiences and enjoys the midnight sun, they will also see the beautiful beluga whales during the summer.


The Toronto-Vancouver Route

This four-day trip from Toronto to Vancouver and back gave me one of the best experiences of my life. I got to explore Canada from east to west, a journey that was over 2700 miles long. I enjoyed the cool and calm breeze as we passed through the thick Canadian forests, the lakes, and very expansive prairie grasslands.


Montreal to Halifax, Nova Scotia

This is an overnight trip of over 836 miles that connects the two most bustling Canadian cities. Halifax and Montreal offer tourists an experience of the history and culture that make up Canada as a country. I began the journey early in the evening in Montreal. Montreal has a culture that is a little bit steeped in the European tradition, and it is also the largest French-speaking city in the world.


My journey ended In Halifax, a bustling port city that is overwhelming with maritime hospitality. This ride offers very generous accommodation with fresh chef-prepared meals and magnificent views along the way. I most enjoyed the scenic view of the misty ocean and the grey skies that were all blended at the horizon to create a very magical view.


South Simcoe Railway: Ontario

This is a tourist attraction that the members of the community restored to preserve the railroad heritage. The journey is an hour long and has awesome scenic views on the southern part of Simcoe between Beeton and Tottenham to the Brereton Creek valley. The train has vintage couches from the 1920s that were restored. Travelers also enjoy the onboard conductor’s commentary that educates the passengers about the railway system’s history and the scenery outside. The train is also the only European steam engine that is operational in Canada.


Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

The scenic exploration along the Northern parts of Ontario takes tourists and passengers on a 114-mile journey to North of Sault Ste and back. Passengers can see the rugged and yet very stunning granite rock formations, the towering trestles, and mixed forests along the way. The trip is only 10 hours long but I got to enjoy the beautiful coast down to Agawa canyon. Passengers are allowed to freely roam the area and take in this area’s breathtaking view and beauty which includes four waterfalls. The best time to take this train trip is between mid-September and early October.


Polar Bear Express: Northern Ontario

The railroad connects the coastal areas of Moosonee and the Moose Factory to Cochrane. Visitors who board the train are treated to a scenic view of the northern Ontario landscapes. This rail trip that is 186 miles long was named after the polar bears found along the railroad’s area. Tourists get to see a few polar bears along the way of this off-the-beaten-path trip in Northern Ontario.