Backpacking Essentials to Bring Along

For those of us who love to travel, we all want our trips to be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Some of us, however, want minimalism on our backpacking trips.

If you’re planning a backpacking trip, you should bring along some essentials. These are:

  1. Tent – A tent is a very important piece of camping gear, especially if you will be camping for a long time. As you may have already known, tents are lightweight, but also very important if you will go to a place with harsh weather. And for this reason, you must choose the right tent for your needs.


  1. Sleeping bag – If you want to stay in shape while backpacking, you should bring along a camping sleeping bag. Though there are many of them on the market, the best one to choose is something lightweight, comfortable, and capable of fitting snugly against your body.


  1. Lightweight bivvy or blanket – If you’re looking for better warmth and comfort while camping, then a bivvy or a blanket is a good option, as you’ll be able to have a warmer and more comfortable sleep without taking up much space.


  1. Waterproof lighter or matches – Waterproof lighter and or matches are a must. You never know when you are going to need to light a campfire, be a fire starter or start a fire with little toilet paper. This handy gadget is so versatile and convenient to use.


  1. Extra food – Backpacking is an adventure, and so is the food you bring along to help you survive the experience. It’s a given that you will need to cook your food every night, but it’s also important to bring as much food as you can and the tools to keep it fresh.


  1. Toiletries – Toiletries are something we all take for granted or at least don’t think about. We use them every day and yet sometimes forget to bring them with us on our adventures. Before setting off to a new destination, we want to make sure that we are prepared and organized with all the essentials.


  1. Multitool – This tool features multiple functions, such as a knife, a screwdriver, pliers, a saw, and so on. These tools can come in handy in everyday situations as well as emergencies.


  1. Satellite phones for communication – if you’re traveling to remote areas, there may be no cell service. If you need to contact your loved ones, you can use satellite phones. Satellite phones are used in the backcountry because they are cheaper to operate and more reliable than cell phones.


  1. Flashlight – this lets you illuminate your path during the dark hours of the night and help you find your way in the wilderness. When you are backpacking with a group of people, a flashlight is a great way to keep everyone together.


  1. First-aid kit – This can include medicine such as Ibuprofen, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory painkillers. Keep in mind that you might be carrying the first-aid kit with you for a long time, so make sure that it’s still effective a few months or even a year down the road.


  1. Portable charger – portable chargers are very useful in many ways. As with smartphones, portable chargers are an important aspect of your daily life, especially when you are traveling.


  1. Water filter and extra water – Buying a water filter is one of the best travel purchases you can make. It will mean that the water you drink is fresh, which can help you stay healthy and stay hydrated at the same time. If you plan to be out of civilization for a long time, then it is also a good idea to bring along an extra water bottle. This will allow you to meet your hydration needs when you are on the trail.


  1. Map and compass – These two items can make infinite amounts of difference when you are going out on a backpacking trip. Being lost in the woods can be scary, but you can be sure to get back to where you are going with a map and compass.


  1. Extra clothing – You will want to pack non-fleece, layer clothing items that you can use to adjust the temperature and to beat the heat. For example, if you are hiking in the middle of summer, you may want to bring along a long-sleeve shirt and a pair of shorts. If it is going to be very cold in the middle of winter, you will want to bring along a long-sleeve shirt and a pair of pants


Packing for a backpacking trip is a great exercise in minimalism. Also, it can be one of the best ways to prepare for and enjoy the outdoors. So, are you ready to go on a backpacking trip?